How to take apart an Anglepoise 1227 Herbert Terry Lamp.

Steps one and two of a complete Anglepoise lamp restoration covered in our new video by Ron in the workshop. looking in detail at pre- assessment and step by step dismantling of the lamp, with a few tips and tricks of the trade thrown in.

Step one. Pre- Assessment.

Before you take apart your old Herbert Terry lamp, look at it, in detail and record all its faults, missing parts etc. Having a list of jobs, parts required and a clear vision of just what you want at the end of your restoration is vital.

Investigate your final paint finish or metal polished look, what will it cost in money and in preparation time. remember chromium plating looks great but is very expensive and requires both a complete lamp strip down and perfect bare metal finish before its chromed, if you hope for a quality end result.


Anglepoise lamp taken apart.
Anglepoise lamp taken apart.

Have you an electrical flex or bulb holder colour in mind? Have you investigated the consequence of choosing a chrome bulb holder, e.g. needing a earth connection. did you check that the lovely bright electrical flex can actually fit inside the lamps arms. Do you know how many cores the flex needs? what diameter conductor?

The pre-assessment stage is vital and must be undertake with precision and care for restoration on “the fly” will result in a expensive pile of unusable parts, electrically unsafe or poorly finished lamp. There are several guides on this site you would be wise reading or watching before you take a part your lamp. Ensure you know the Electrical Safety laws related to your choice of bulb holder and electrical flex.

I apologise for droning on about the safety and planning aspect of a restoration, but I’ve done this a few time and do know what mistakes can and do happen, because I’ve had to pay for them.


Step 2 Dismantling the Lamp.

So the fun bit, take a look at the new video that Ron made, it’s the most comprehensive strip down guide you’ll find out there in the “internet thingy”. covering the tools, process and tips needed to strip your lamp to its component bits.

So the steps are:-
• Unplug the lamp FIRST, yeh, I know but it does happen.
• Remove the bulb.
• Remove the bulb holder.
• Disconnect or cut off the bulb holder.
• Remove the electrical flex.
• Remove the lamp shade.
• Remove the spring set.
• Remove the dog leg spacer and upper spreader bar.
• Separate the arms from Base fork.
• Disassemble the arm pivot points
• Remove fork from base.
• Remove arm pivot pins from fork (if required).
• Remove base cover plate.
• Drive out plastic spacer inserts on arms.
• Drive our plastic spacer spring mounting pins.

Bulb Holder Collar Grip's
Bulb Holder Collar Grip’s

Each step is laid out in the video in more detail, if you have any questions about the video pleas comment here or on you tube as if your unsure about something others may have the same problem.


In regards to the tools used the Shade Ring Removal tool like this is on sale here or click photo. there is a detailed video about the ring remover that Ron made when he recently had to replace his old er.. misplaced (tong in cheek) set, I’m sure he’ll get them back eventually.

This lamp will be the basis of a few future videos so you will be able to see most of the 1227 restoration major steps. Next one I believe is about paint stripping and a new less dangerous chemical paint stripper, called Detol. What? spoiler alert, bit late now….

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