Cord Grip with Male 10mm Thread nickle Silver.

Cord Grip with Male 10mm Thread Nickle Silver.

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This is an all Nickel Lamp holder Cord grip, with a 10 mm thread size. It provides a fair match to chromium style bulb holders but is not quite as shinny, but close enough in our opinion. If you’re not sure of an exact match then use a contrasting all black design.

Intended for use on pendant light fittings originally but makes a bulb holder with 10mm threaded base into an ideal replacement for your lamp.

Available in a variety of materials and colours to best match your restoration.

Fitting a cord grip protects the internal electrical connections and reduces the risk of the cable being pulled out of the bulb holder in an accident.

As we are replacing original electrical accessories with modern current regulation compliant fitting, all these cable grips are metric fitting. (eg. 10mm diameter and a thread pitch of 1mm).