Cord Grip with Male 10mm Thread Black, White or mixed pack.

Cord Grip with Male 10mm Thread Black, white or mixed.

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Plain simple all plastic cord grip with standard 10mm thread size. If you need more than one then this vender offers multi packs and can mix n match black and white in one order. There is a tonal difference in the base of the white fitting, but is not unduly noticeable without close inspection.

Intended for use on pendant light fittings originally but makes a bulb holder with 10mm threaded base into an ideal replacement for your lamp.

Available in a variety of materials and colours to best match your restoration.

Fitting a cord grip protects the internal electrical connections and reduces the risk of the cable being pulled out of the bulb holder in an accident.

As we are replacing original electrical accessories with modern current regulation compliant fitting, all these cable grips are metric fitting. (eg. 10mm diameter and a thread pitch of 1mm)

Pick colour and pack size from drop down menu.

Price 2.99 – 4.99 depending on selection.