Antique Brass safety bulb holder



These Uk manufactured and certified metal bodied bulb holders DO REQUIRE AN EARTH. Ensure your wiring has 3 cores and the lamp is earthed.

Very popular choice for Anglepoise 1227 rewires.

An important added feature with this bulb and why we like them, is the safety interlock fitted to the holder. The electrical power is not allowed to flow out into the bulb connections until a bulb is correctly fitted in to the holder. Making it much safety for fingers, preventing them making contact with live connections, unlike the standard fitting.

They are well made, screw together body.
This is a “normal household” bayonet bulb (B22).
Has a mounted on off switch, like original Anglepoise style.
Comes with a shade ring.
Comes with a cable grip, (in this case a 10mm thread type)

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