Replacement Springs For 1227 Anglepoise Lamp.

Replacement 1227 Anglepoise arm springs

One item that always lets down an otherwise perfect Herbert Terry Lamp, is rusted springs. Ironic that the weakest link in the 1227 anglepoise otherwise (almost apart from base casting quality) faultless production is the very springs that were the mainstay product for Mr. Terries factory.


So what can be done about rusted, chrome flaking and spring-less springs? Well, you have one of 4 main choices :-


1. Polish the living daylights out of the things and hope the results are favourable. Yes it’s a lot of work and if the chrome is gone in spots you will notice it on close inspection. However simple and thorough polishing may just bring a spring set up to acceptable quality. a Tip or Trade Trick is to stretch out the spring to gain access between the coils. ( gently open the spring by making coat hanger wire loops around a bench vice then hook up and spread the spring ) You get a much better finish and stops the polishing cloth from being nipped betwixt the coils.


2. Clean and rub-down the springs and paint them a aesthetically pleasing colour. Ensure there’s no flaky bits left. Use an etch primer ( acid based primer that get a really good hold onto the metal ). Then simple car paint is flexible enough to handle quite a few repositioning of the lamp.


Rusty Anglepoise 1227 springs.
Rusty Anglepoise 1227 springs.

3. If you’re feeling flush, without cost limitations and originality a must then a re-chrome job is the perfect solution. On the cost side, be sure you really mean “regardless of cost” as to strip off the old damaged chrome, re-chrome and heat treat a spring set properly may cost in the hundreds of pounds. You can skip the strip down and heat treatment but imperfection in the chrome will be visible. But, and it’s a big un, well re-chromed original spring sets look fabulous and originality is so appealing to me I’m often very tempted….BUT HOW MUCH !


4. The last and often the most sensible option is to replace the spring set. Problem number 1 anglepoise do not make direct replacements for the original 1227, the springs on offer from them do not have the “cone” top and are simply finished with a spiral spring winding to emulate the outward shape of the original. While this spring shape from Anglepoise and other spring manufactures have the same general and not unattractive look, they are not the same as the original which is noticeable to a discerning eye.


One option that’s came to my attention recently is a close copy of the original spring and joy of joy has the original cone spring top.¬† This manufacture of:-

Replacement 1227 Anglepoise arm springs

The spring set is very cost effective and performs well enough for all but the most obsessed connoisseur. I like these springs especially if you only need 1 of them, say a broken or lost spring, these offer a pretty good match against the original  design.
Which option is best for your rebuild is hard to say without your own particular knowledge and priority of originality and cost. For me I save originality whenever possible, then in order of priority is sensible cost, original copies and lastly something that performs the exact same task but admittedly looks slightly different. Now I have found a copy of the original part I use these if the original cannot be saved.


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  1. I have had an email telling of another manufacture of replacement Herbert Terry 1227 Anglepoise springs. This time its on (Amazon Uk). The supplier seam to go out of stock quite quickly so best get em if you get the chance.

    As I said in the article mine come from the eBay supplier but the quality looks similar, if not the same. If any one has the luck of catching these in stock ( I’ve tried a few times unsucessfully ) please post a comment on the suppliers service and item quality etc.

    Here;s the alternative suplier link.

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