Replacement Polished 1227 Aluminium Lamp Shade.

If you’re planning a chrome or polished finish Anglepoise restoration and find the weakest link is a missing or damaged lamp shade what options do you have.

Replacement Polished  1227 Aluminium Lamp Shade inside.
Replacement Polished 1227 Aluminium Lamp Shade inside.

You can go for a cheap old lamp with a salvageable lamp shade, which in my eye is the best option. However finding a cheap donor lamp is getting harder these days with even incomplete examples going for £50-60 on eBay.

This manufacture has a new copy of a “early style” rolled lip lamp shade. It is and note this, only polished on outside and does not have lamp clamp mounting that you will need to refitted from your old lamp shade.

Polished Aluminium lamp shade.

The shade is aluminium of a good quality well formed and pretty close in dimensions to the original. Ideal for a restoration and as you know the shade is the most noticeable part of the lamp so a good one is important for a newly restored look.

For the price it offers good value for money and can save a lot of polishing and metal bashing opposed to restoring your old shade. Consider this lamp shade as a base for a fresh coat of paint too, but remember to rough up the polished surface and use a etch primer for best adhesion.

If authenticity is a big concern and metal reshaping and polishing is not off putting to you then look at our How to Repair a Anglepoise 1227 Herbert Terry Lamp Shade guide. [ssba]

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