New springs install guide, for an Anglepoise Herbert Terry 1227 Lamp.

An important part of a lamp restoration is the spring refurbishment or replacement. Ron in our workshop guides you through the process of removing an old set of springs and fitting a new re-manufactured ones. Find the Springs in our shop here. NEW SPRINGS

2 thoughts on “New springs install guide, for an Anglepoise Herbert Terry 1227 Lamp.

  1. I am restoring a Herbert Terry lamp and found your web site very helpful overall.
    I did purchase 3 new springs following your link ands these were duly delivered.
    When I came to fit them I found they were not the same as the original ones. They were slightly longer and I had to shorten the outside ones . The other difference is that they do not have the same adjustment at the top of the springs.
    Have you not found this to be a problem?

    1. The non adjustable loop type springs were used on the early 1227 and the more modern current re-issue. The screw type and in my opinion the best design was the mid run version, so depending on the age of your lamp the original springs may differ to these reproduction ones.

      The reproduction spring set is the only one available at this time so choice is very limited. One subscriber bought these springs and cut off the upper coil and re-fitted the adjustment mechanism from the old spring set.

      The only difficulty experience was holding the new spring steady as he pushed in the aluminium adjuster, which he overcame by putting the spring in a short piece of copper tubing, also the cut spring end had no chrome (apparently almost invisible when fitted). I have thought about trying this mod myself so the next time I have the chance I’ll get it on video.

      As to the length of spring sets we got, they were pretty much identical in length so have not needed to adjust them. Although we found the outer springs to have slightly less tension with the inner lager one having slightly more so evens them self out overall

      When you “adjusted the loop” did the chrome flake off? Do you have an idea how much you had to shorten them by or have any photos it would be nice to see, as I’m sure other readers would be interested too?

      Thank you for your comment and hope your restoration goes well.

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