Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can Relight Lamps do any repairs and restoration Work now ?

A. Sorry we are unable to undertake any restoration or repair work at this moment in time due to our workshop relocation still being in progress. Thank you Ron.


Q. How do I contact Relight Lamps?

A. Our new rural location has proven difficult for electrical power/telephone/internet and cell phone providers to connect their services. They are working hard installing telegraph poles and wiring and a change of cell phone providers have given us a slow/patchy service which we are operating on at this moment in time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and we hope the problem will be resolved shortly.


Q. Why does Amazon or EBay open when I buy spare parts?

A. Relight lamps does not run a bricks and mortar high street shop, we operate from a workshop not generally open to the public (drop off and collection only). All our spare parts are sold through online stores, primarily Amazon but they do not allow sale of used parts so we use EBay for 2nd hand spares. If we do not have the particular part then the store page will show you where we buy it from, unlike our competitors we want you to restore your lamp with our without our services and share our knowledge freely.

Suppliers of rare, 2nd hand or short run reproduction spare parts run out of stock often and quickly. We have no control over 3rd party suppliers and like you are sometime disappointed to find parts out of stock or discontinued.