Common Cause of 1227 Sagging Lamp Shade.

Replacement 1227 Anglepoise springs
Replacement 1227 Anglepoise springs

There is 3 main reasons the lamp will not stay put.

1 The bulb is to heavy, eg. energy saving or large LED.
2 The lock nut on the arm is missing or loose.
3 The springs have stretched and may need replacing.

The first two are easy to fix tighten nut and change bulb, the replacement springs are a little harder to do mostly because they are not available from Anglepoise. There is two places that re-manufacture them (but seem to sell out fast) and is a simple job to clip the new springs on.

Just checked today and they are in stock link form site below. (they sold so well the manufacture made a new batch.. joy)

So just though I should let you know as they sell really fast. I’ll be doing a review on them soon so you can see what your getting as soon as my sets arrive.

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