Anglepoise Model 1208 and 1209

The Anglepoise lamp, an iconic piece of British design, is the brainchild of George Carwardine, an engineer with a background in automotive design. Carwardine’s expertise in vehicle suspension systems played an instrumental role in the creation of the Anglepoise lamp, which employs a unique balance of tensions to maintain its position once adjusted.

Model 1208:
The Model 1208 was the original design of the Anglepoise lamp. Introduced in the early 1930s, it was designed mainly for industrial purposes. It had a more robust look with a four-spring design, allowing the arm to maintain its position regardless of the angle it was set at. This mechanism was based on the principles Carwardine elucidated in his patent, wherein a balanced arm arrangement could make a certain load appear weightless regardless of its position.

The Model 1208, with its unique design and innovative functionality, marked a significant departure from the typical static and bulky lamps of its time. Although it was groundbreaking, its somewhat industrial and machinist look made it less appealing for domestic settings.

Model 1209:
The Model 1209 was a variation of the original Model 1208 but was slightly larger. It maintained much of the look and feel of the 1208 but was adapted to a wider variety of applications beyond purely industrial ones.

Transition to Model 1227:
Recognizing the potential for a wider market, Carwardine partnered with Herbert Terry and Sons, a company known for producing springs. Their collaboration led to the refinement of the design, ultimately culminating in the Model 1227.

The Model 1227, introduced in 1935, became the most famous of the Anglepoise designs. While it was inspired by the principles of the 1208 and 1209, several changes were made to make it more suitable for a domestic setting:

Three-Spring Design: The 1227 adopted a three-spring mechanism, making it less bulky and more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessors.

Aesthetic Refinement: The design was streamlined and made more elegant, suitable for homes and offices.

Flexibility: It retained the signature adjustability and balance of the original design, making it highly functional and versatile.

Over the years, the Model 1227 has not only become synonymous with the Anglepoise brand but has also cemented its place as a design classic. Its legacy traces back to the ingenuity of Carwardine’s original designs, the 1208 and 1209, which laid the foundational principles for the more refined and widely-loved 1227.