Anglepoise dent and scratch repair guide

Ron in the workshop continues the Anglepoise restoration, putting the finishing touches to a tricky broken support arm fault. This video covers the application of body filler and subsequent reshaping.

A few points raised in the video:-

Repaired arm with no brass insert
Repaired arm with no brass insert

You may notice the brazed, or low temperature welded arm has no brass insert at the pivot point, were the opposite arm does. The purpose of the original component was to spread the spring tension load and prevent crushing of the square hollow aluminium arm.

As the repair done by relight lamps involved the insertion of a solid rod inside the arm, there s no need for additional einforcement any longer. In addition We feel that non standard or repaired parts should be identifiable on close scrutiny.

The next step is to prime the parts ready for top paint coat. Thoes steps are coverd in the next video.

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