A video on making a 1227 angleposise.

Although sadly we in the UK don’t make the 1227 anglepoise lamp any more, as production has moved over sea. We still have a small, or should I say BIG part in the 1227 anglepoise lamps life.. “The Giant”

I do wish the botls were as easy to handle as the ones on this oversized modle, I for one am always dropping the miniscule nuts on the original vintage 1227 anglepoise.

I found this video I want to share as its good to understand the componats and lay out of the normal size one.

1 thought on “A video on making a 1227 angleposise.

  1. Notice the use of “new style” springs. They are alot less difficult to make then the original 1227 anglepoise cap type, wich I feel look alot better. “But” and its a big un… getting cap style springs new is like finding hens teeth.

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