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Relight Lamps

Our Scottish Borders workshop is staffed by skilled and experienced craftsman who pride themselves in producing work of the highest level, specialising in vintage British lighting.

Our goal is the same as yours, to keep these wonderful lamps fit and healthy. To that end if we don't make or sell an item ourselves, we will show you just where we buy them from, in our Online Shop.

It's my hope that the information on the Blog,  external reference page  and in how to guides will help you along the road to restoration. I feel we should keep our heritage lighting on your desk and out of the land fill, reuse and restore when ever possible.

Ron (workshop).


We're moving to a new home.

Relight Lamps long awaited relocation to Scotland draws to the end, we have new products, services and the time for our relaunch draws near.


How old is your Anglepoise Lamp?

Ron in the workshop walks you through a shelf of 1227's. He tells you how old they are and how you can more accurately date your Anglepoise lamp.


Spring at last.

Remanufactured 1227 springs are now available, limited stock so be quick.

Our spring refurbishment service coming online soon.

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