Replacement Springs For 1227 Anglepoise Lamp.

Replacement Springs For 1227 Anglepoise Lamp.



Reproduction springs are sold out.
Prior to Covid 19 lock down we were able to secure a supply of main springs for the 1227. We have sold out and will not be restocked until production is restarted after restrictions end.

One item that always lets down an otherwise perfect Herbert Terry Lamp, is rusted springs. Ironic that the weakest link in the 1227 anglepoise otherwise (almost apart from base casting quality) faultless production is the very springs that were the mainstay product for Mr. Terries factory

Video Review and installation Guide

One option that’s came to my attention recently is a close copy of the original spring and joy of joy has the original cone spring top.  The spring set is very cost effective and performs well enough for all but the most obsessed connoisseur. I like these springs especially if you only need 1 of them, say a broken or lost spring, these offer a pretty good match against the original  design.

Which option is best for your rebuild is hard to say without your own particular knowledge and priority of originality and cost. For me I save originality whenever possible, then in order of priority is sensible cost, original copies and lastly something that performs the exact same task but admittedly looks slightly different. Now I have found a copy of the original part I use these if the original cannot be saved.