Anglepoise Model 75

Released in 1960 the Anglepoise Model 75 was a face lift of the original model 1227. Incorporating an “modern” sixties feel, the design has a round base and new slender lamp shade that makes it distinguishable from the original concept.

Introduction of the plastic pivot point at the lamp shade made positioning of the light beam more secure, but many feel the absence of the distinctive spring loaded yoke holding the lamp shade was a design mistake. The move away from costly manufacturing techniques saw the single piece lampshade replaced by a two piece’s. The end cap and rocker switch it holds are prehaps the easiest way to spot a 75 over 90 at a distance.

Maintaining the original spring loaded arms, the design went through a phase of value engineering that kept the ability to adjust the spring tension as was possible with the 1227, but the changes were made to the lamp base fork. Gone was the square robust aluminium casting with embossed branding, in favour of a simple slender rounded moulding.

Although the cost down measures removed a majority of the features many feel was the quintessence of 1227, none can deny the instantly datable sixties feel.